3rd Annual Back-Pack Football Camp

Back-Pack Football

Welcome to Back-Pack Football where athletes are educated on how to explore and extend their own personal limits as they sprout both on and off the athletic field. We pride ourselves on educating the athletes about the nuances of the game that will take them to the pro level. We focus specifically on teaching core football knowledge, how to set S.M.A.R.T goals, and coach position specific drills.


“Whether you play one down or ten years, there’s something you can get from this game. The lessons I learned from football are priceless. They’ve helped me in my post-football career (yes, there’s life after football). I learned how to catch a leather ball and how to block defenders, but more importantly, the value serving others and being apart of something bigger than yourself.”


Our coaching staff consists of athletes with college, and NFL experience. Program leader, & NFL tight end Kennard Backman, attributes much of his success to the coaches and trainers who took additional time to work on progressing his game and character. Being involved in sports since early childhood, Kennard understands the importance of pro development camps such as Back-Pack Football.