Learn-To-Earn Workshops

Our Learn-To-Earn workshops are crafted to fuel creativity into self-expression by providing exposure and education. We don’t want to limit our students, in fact; we want them to shatter any limitations they’ve ever heard. We understand art provides hope. It stimulates creativity and promotes appreciation of other cultures. It fosters intellectual development and students learn how to express themselves. With this program, we employ a “learn more to earn more” mentality.

We offer educational fine art packages for middle school and high school students as well as and other community organizations. We inspire our students to think creatively by engaging both their left and right hemispheres. We scale packages to meet the needs of the specific group of our students. Our workshop packages include:

  • Paint, Draw & Design- (Art Academy) Students will get a chance to use colored pencils, markers, crayons, oil pastels, chalk, watercolors, acrylics, clay and much more, as they create their own art portfolios focused on master artists, art styles and cultural art traditions fromaround the world.
  • Cooking Classes- (Chef Weirdos Kitchen) If your child loves to eat and have fun, you want them enrolled in our Saturday cooking classes. More important than having fun, your child will begin to learn the difference between “real food” and “food like” products. We use all natural and healthy ingredients in every dish. “We Don't Change the Dish....We Change the Ingredients!" Our menus are designed to re-introduce our students to some of their favorite meals but with healthy substitutes.
  • Media and Event Production-(Novasound) Sound like never before! This is a great program to engage aspiring music producers, sound designers, music engineers or EDM track masters. Learn how to use technology to create audio visuals. Gain education about the development of software and hardware.
  • Photography & Filmmaking- (Third Eye Pictures) Digital photography workshop students will learn how to manipulate shutter speed, aperture, and other modes outside of factory settings, to create artful shots. Introduction course designed to teach technical, visual and conceptual aspects of black and white photography. Basic knowledge of camera operation, film processing, printing and presentation. Students learn how to communicate and express themselves visually.